Triquettra works with clients from initial design to small volume manufacturing.

Triquettra offers a range of RF and electronic project services. Whether you need initial designs and schematics, PCB prototyping, or PCB manufacturing and assembly, we can help.

We'll start with an initial consultation, where you tell us what you need and we give you our thoughts on the project. After that, we can provide a quote and estimated timescales. We do everything we can in-house, but for bigger jobs we can use our contacts in our sister companies to assist with manufacturing and assembly, ensuring you get the best deal.

For examples of some previous projects, see our portfolio. To get some initial ideas about your own project, please get in touch.


Electronic Design Services: Schematics and PCB Design

We provide designs for digital, RF, and audio circuits and systems. We use tools including Altium Designer, Ansoft Designer, and Rhyno3D to create designs according to your needs.


Electronic Prototyping and Testing

If you already have a design, we offer design-checking services to ensure good practice and mitigate potential issues before they occur. We own a variety of test equipment to ensure your product is perfectly optimised:

  • Network analyser up to 8.5 GHz

  • Spectrum analyser up to 7.5 GHz

  • Oscilloscope up to 1 GHz

  • Temperature chamber

  • PCB reflow machine

  • Bluetooth® standard loopback tester

All of our products are guaranteed to work exactly according to the standards you need. Every PCB is thoroughly tested to make sure it works perfectly. If there’s a problem, we’re on hand to fix it. You’ll never get an unreliable product from us, which means your customers will never have to worry about a device not working exactly as it should.


RF Services

Triquettra designs, models and measures RF circuits up to 8.5 GHz. This involves designing and prototyping the circuits, which includes the manufacturing process.

For examples of our RF PCB work, see our portfolio.


FPGA & Digital design

  • Experience using Altera/Xilinx based silicon - Virtex/Kintex/Zynq

  • Development Tools

    • Synthesis - Quartus/ISE/Vivado

    • Simulation - Modelsim/ISIM

    • Low level debugging - JTAG/Chipscope

  • RTL coding in Verilog and VHDL

  • Integrating FPGA IP into ARM-based SOC for Linux based systems

    • PetaLinux/Buildroot environments

    • Scatter/Gather DMA for multi-channel data streams

    • Creation of dedicated device drivers

  • Interfacing with AES3, DRAM, DSP, PCI/PCIe, USB2.0/3.0, UART, SPI, ADC/DAC

  • Design of multi-channel audio, video and wideband RF based systems

  • Taking prototypes to production for custom designs


Software Development

We develop software both for our products and testing purposes. We work with the following languages:

  • Javascript

  • PHP

  • C

  • C++


PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

Using our sister companies, Express Circuits Ltd and Electronic Assembly Services Ltd, we can provide fast turnaround from prototyping to manufacturing to assembly, programming and testing. We have been in the RF and PCB industries for years and know the best people to work with for high-quality, timely production. From design sign-off to built products, we can manage the whole process for you.

Some of our on-site RF and PCB development, manufacturing and testing equipment

To make sure our products are developed to the highest quality, we keep a range of equipment ready to use whenever a project requires it.

Spectrum analyser

Spectrum analyser

Infrared re-flow used for reworking fine pitch BGA and CSP devices

Infrared re-flow used for reworking fine pitch BGA and CSP devices

Temperature chamber

Temperature chamber

Network analyser

Network analyser

Spectrum analyser and signal generator

Spectrum analyser and signal generator

RF power sensor

RF power sensor